Recently, Logitech hosted some of our staff at a film showing of Solo: A Star Wars Movie. Don’t worry, this post doesn’t have spoilers or even a review of the movie! We’ll leave that to people much more eloquent than we are. We thought we’d stick to our knitting and talk about the Logitech Conference Products on show instead.

We walked in after receiving our free popcorn and was greeted with our own faces! Logitech had set up one of their conference room cameras, and were showing us the impressive clarity, right there on the big screen.

On the big screen: impressive display of a Logitech webcam

Luke Lee, one of the dynamic account managers from Logitech NZ then launched into a quick history of where Logitech come from and where they were now. He very kindly gave me a link to his presentation, which I’ve posted with his permission below.

We were impressed with the wide range of products available to the New Zealand market. From small rooms through to large boardrooms, Logitech has products which are affordable and easy to use.

If you’re interested in a custom Logitech conference room solution, call one of our technicians today.

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